Fix Brother Printer Driver Installation Issues

Are you also facing issues related to installing Brother Printer Driver? Then you are on the right page, as we will discuss the solution to fix Brother Printer Driver. The probable reason behind your Brother Druckertreiber installation issue may be because you are using a built-in Windows driver. Brother Printer technical support team always has suggested using the latest printer driver for your operating system in place of a built-in driver. Now, we have understood the reason behind the issue; let’s move forward to fix this issue.

Steps to Brother Printer Driver Installation  

To install the Brother Printer Driver, you will need to execute it. So, head to download and extract the driver files, then go through the steps as mentioned below:

Facing Setup Errors during Installation? Try this: 

If you find any Setup error message on your window like setup start error code 2, code 193, code 216, or code 267. It may be because of the unsuitable driver that you have downloaded.  


After going through the above steps, your Brother Druckertreiber installation issue must be fixed. Make sure to check and download the suitable driver for your device otherwise you may have to face “Setup Error” again.


In short, to Install Brother Printer Driver on your device you will have to avoid using a built-in windows driver instead of it use the latest driver. To do that, check the suitable driver for your device in the “Supported OS” section and download it. In this article, we have mentioned the steps to install Brother Druckertreiber, and we hope that it will help you surely to fix Brother Printer Driver installation issues.