WhatsApp Plus Rojo 2022 Review

The new WhatsApp Plus Rojo is a powerful messaging application with a lot of features. This new version is aimed at those who want to be more private on the app. For example, you can hide your last seen and hide your status when online. If you are worried that people will read your messages, you can hide it with a password.

WhatsApp Plus Rojo also features improved chat protection, so you can keep your conversations safe from others’ deletion. This app also allows you to temporarily block a contact. Additionally, it has a new color palette and sticker package. However, the most interesting features of WhatsApp Plus Rojo are the improved security features.

WhatsApp Plus Rojo is available for free and provides advanced security and personalization. You can use the application on your Android device to change the color of text, pictures, and more. Although it is not an official version of WhatsApp, it is still used by thousands of users. To download the application, simply visit the link below.

WhatsApp Plus Rojo also lets you send high-resolution photos. The app also supports sending audio and video files. Unlike WhatsApp original, WhatsApp Rojo allows you to send movies.