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Many people want to find the secret to learning languages quickly and in a short time. The truth is that there is no magic formula. The real secret lies in knowing how to stimulate your brain. In this essay help we wrote some techniques that will help you.

 Dare to learn another language today: 1. Define your goals for learning another language.


Why do you want to learn another language? One of the reasons that make learning more difficult is not having a clear objective or following someone else’s. Defining your dreams is essential to motivate you to learn another language. Defining your goals is vital to inspire you.


The stimuli required by a person seeking to learn to travel different from those needed for a person seeking to learn to enhance their employment opportunities.


2. Use your devices in the language you want to learn.


The frequent use of devices such as your phone makes you memorize where everything is; when you set your phone in another language, your brain still remembers it, but it will learn to associate the elements in the language you selected.


It is very likely that on some occasions, you will have to perform unusual processes where you think you have to reset the language, don’t do it. Try to force yourself to solve the problem.


On a small scale, this is the same thing experienced by people who move to a country without speaking their language. But it’s those very situations that help them learn faster; it’s a bit of a rude way of telling the brain that it has no choice.


3. Watch series and movies with subtitles


It is one of the most natural techniques to learn languages quickly. However, in the beginning, it can be uncomfortable. This practice is one of the most useful to get your ear used to another language. You can also listen to music and podcasts; they have the same effect.


Be constant. When you get used to it, you will have advanced more than you think without much effort.


4. Practice without regret


Sorrow will likely invade you when you venture to say the first sentences in public, especially if you are starting to learn a second language fessay helprom scratch. But remember that most of the time, the feeling of being made fun of is a mental delusion.


Language courses help you overcome this kind of obstacle because they allow you to interact with people at the same level. That is why Academia Europea needs to test your level.


Ask for more information about our language courses here:


5. Use social networks.


Follow the kind of accounts you like in Spanish, but in the language, you are learning. For this, there is no rule, freely follow celebrity accounts, humor pages, fashion, cooking, etc.


Turn your physical and virtual environment into opportunities to learn another language naturally. Remember that the more you surround yourself with the language, the easier it will be for you to adapt.


6. Don’t translate


We did a post dedicated to explaining why this practice hinders learning another language. The point is that every language has its own rules. By mentally translating every sentence you hear, the only thing it causes is that you get frustrated because you make your brain question rules that you were taught since you were a child.


In addition, getting used to translating makes speaking another language naturally almost impossible; imagine that every time you ask a person a question, it takes them a long time to answer even the most straightforward question.


That’s precisely what happens when you get used to translating; it takes you longer than usual to answer. You almost certainly end up losing the conversation thread because you are more focused on the translation than on the main topic.


Learn another language step by step


Learning another language is a process. Just as you can’t force a baby to speak well overnight, you can’t force yourself to meet too short a time frame. Don’t put more pressure on yourself than you have to. Respect your own pace of learning.


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