Recently got a new Citibank Credit Card and wondering how to generate a new PIN for this card online? All Citibank credit cardholders are recommended to generate or change the access PIN for their cards to ensure the highest security standards. Once you are able to generate this new PIN for your card, nobody will be able to make unauthorized transactions from your card. To generate a PIN for your card, it is important that you have access to your Citi bank login account. 

In case you haven’t created an account on Citibank’s online banking portal, then you should first enroll yourself in online banking and then go ahead with applying the procedure that I have listed in the section that follows. 

What is the Citibank credit card PIN?

Well, this is a 4-digits PIN that is necessary to make any transactions through your debit or credit card. Generating a new PIN or changing the existing one is quite necessary when you want to make sure that nobody else should use your card.

Here’s how to change Citibank Credit Card PIN

That’s it! You have completed the required steps to generate a new PIN for your Citibank Credit Card. 


From this post, it is proven that changing or generating a new PIN for your Credit Card is pretty easy if you do it online. If you do not have your Citi card login details handy, then you can generate a PIN by visiting the nearest Citi bank ATM. 


Using your Citibank login details, you can access your online banking account and generate a PIN for your Citibank Credit Card. Here’s how to do it.