Dubai Desert Safari

When in Dubai, we can miss anything but the famous desert safari tours! The roller-coaster ride on the dunes is something you were looking forward to for a long time.The desert is an iconic part of Dubai, and a desert safari is the most luxurious way to explore it. Many travel companies conduct fascinating safari in big SUV cars. 

Guidelines Of Dubai Desert Safari With Dinner Tours

Dubai Desert safari involves many instructions to follow. You have to follow the planner’s set of instructions to enjoy every bit of the trip safely.

It is essential to know the rule of the desert before proceeding for the safari.

Desert has its own rules. Once you become accustomed to the norms of the trip, it becomes easy for you to prepare yourself for it.

We received a set of guidelines by our tour manager as below.

1. To Wear Light and Loose Fitted Clothes during the Desert Safari

We were told to wear loosely fitted and light-colored clothes to combat the heat of the desert safari. Wearing loose clothes in desert rides is imperative.

You should be comfortable in your dress to participate in all the activities.

Also, it is not easy to stay calm during the drive in tight clothes. So we chose clothes as per the instruction.

2. Well Ventilated Shoes for the Trip

Our travel guide instructed us to wear adequately ventilated sneakers to protect the feet from the hot desert, which help us in getting a good grip on the desert sand.

Sneakers always help you to achieve greater control on slippery surfaces. It also keeps the feet sweat free and relaxed.

3. Carrying Spare Clothes

We were told to bring spare clothes with us for the Quad Bike Ride, Sand Skiing, and Buggy Ride.

It is essential to have an extra piece of cloth with you in case you mess your clothes during skiing or any other activity.

It also becomes helpful for people who sweat more than others.

4. Towel and Face Wiper

It is essential to carry hand towel and sweat wipes to survive the desert heat. The face becomes clumsy due to sweating after a few minutes of the desert ride.

It is also necessary to keep these stuff handy in case you get a splash of sand during skiing or Quad ride.

5. Camera

The tour guide directed us on to carry our cameras for photography. Since the tour team does not have any camera person with them, the tourists have to bring their cameras to click pictures.