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According to a poll of Chinese university students, many see cryptocurrencies as a promising future in China. 25% of respondents indicated that they would look for employment in the sector dealing with digital assets and related technology. One in twelve students has digital coins.


17% of students polled have made investments in crypto


China has a mixed view of charity coin. The Beijing government effectively banned coin-offering projects and major exchanges from the mainland. The crypto mining industry can still thrive in certain areas of the country, where there is abundant, cheap energy and favorable climatic conditions. The People’s Bank of China has recently hired six crypto experts to help them with plans for a digital Yuan.


Survey: Chinese students want crypto jobs, 8% own cryptocurrencies


Contrary to authorities, however, Chinese people embrace decentralized currencies without hesitation. This is not just because of the utility they provide but also because of their resistance to censorship. This poll shows that young people and those with tech skills have positive expectations for the future of crypto and are most willing to adopt it. More than 8% of Chinese students have some cryptocurrency and another 9% have previously invested in digital assets.


Panews conducted the survey among students at 131 colleges and universities across 26 Chinese provinces. The crypto news outlet 8btc reported that this weekend. Over 77% of respondents are undergraduates. The rest are graduate students. Many of them specialize in engineering, management, or economics. However, some also study literature.


27% of Future Grads Want to Work In the Crypto Industry


Notable is the fact that nearly 27% of students who participated in the survey said they would be interested in working in the rapidly growing blockchain industry. Nearly 40% of students consider media reports to be influential, and they still believe that media is the best source of information on the crypto industry. Nearly a quarter of participants admitted that they don’t know much about blockchain. 22% admit that mainstream media coverage is predominantly negative while 17% say they hear more positive news.


Survey: Chinese students want crypto jobs, 8% own cryptocurrencies


According to the study’s authors, crypto-related education courses are still very rare in Chinese higher educational institutions. However, 67% of respondents said they knew about bitcoin. 15% of respondents admitted that they had never heard about the digital currencies ethereum and neo or Facebook’s Libra project. Seven respondents were unable to identify all 11 entries from a list of crypto terms, including "mining," the "stablecoin," or "hash value."


The People’s Republic has tried to restrict the spread of cryptocurrency in China’s economy and society, but Beijing has not ignored the possibility of decentralized coins. The country’s Center for Information and Industry Development publishes regular rankings of crypto projects based on their logic. You can check the current price and cap at to see how the global market rates cryptocurrencies.



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