What Does A Travel CRM Software Do?

Nowadays every company is using CRM and one can indeed make a lot of profits with this software but how much percent of people know the exact use of this tool? The answer is “a very few” which is the main reason many companies who opt for Travel CRM without knowing its proper use ends up facing a lot of loss. If you will know the exact purpose of this software then you will be able to run your travel business smoothly.


Best Travel CRM is a Customer Relationship Management software that helps in sorting out many problems related to your business like keeping a record of every customer, generating invoices, scheduling meetings with clients, marketing, and many more. All these things can be performed automatically with the help of this tool by just knowing its basic working principle.

Who can use CRM?

This is the most common question people ask about this software. Many people think this tool is just made for the sales team. But no! That is not correct, now modern Travel CRM software provides the whole business solution, from taking inbound calls to generating bills, it performs every task for you.

Which Travel CRM is the best?

Like I said before every CRM has its unique working principle and it is up to you which tool you prefer most. The best selection process is to ensure if the software you are installing is related to your business or not. Moreover, it must also have all the functions that are necessary for your business otherwise it will be just a useless piece of application. TRAVCRM is one of the most trusted Travel CRM software. The functions of this software can be utilized by many travel business owners effectively and efficiently.

Functions you should look for in the best Travel CRM Software

1. It must have multiple dashboards for each task like sales, accounting, operation, etc.

2. The inbuilt mail facility is the most useful function in Travel CRM software. By the presence of it, you don’t have to go to your other mailboxes like Gmail, Yahoo, etc. for customer queries.

3. It should create a multiple series of travel agents separately which can be utilized to check the availability at the time of quote creation.

4. A Package builder can be added to create different types of travel packages for clients so they can choose from the pre-built packages.

5. Query preference is also one of the most useful functions in Travel CRM software. With the help of this, you can define hotel category, meal-type, vehicle preference to reduce the time of quotation creation.

6. View rate option helps in checking the price of every hotel, meal, vehicle, monument, etc. without creating a query.

7. You can also build different types of quotations without any hassle that will also include tax and discount calculations.

8. Your Travel CRM software will generate an invoice for each quotation automatically in just a few moments so you can send it to the customer.

So, these were some common functions of a Travel CRM software which you must check before installing it. The most amazing thing is that the above-mentioned functions are easily available in TRAVCRM which is proudly developed by the Best Travel CRM development company in India- De Box Global Solutions. If you have any queries related to this software, just visit their website.