How To Increase Student Engagement During Online Learning?

The pandemic surely changes the methods of learning and the experience of learning of the students in these critical school years. This is no less than a challenge for teaching faculties to maintain the discipline and engagement of the students in the online classes which upgrade the year levels of senior school.

So, the international baccalaureate decides to Best Private School in Melbourne came up with various practices and methods to make the virtual classroom sessions as effective as the live classroom sessions.

Here are some such ways to increase the engagement of the students.

Have a talk to each of your students separately to discuss with them any issues they are facing. As there is no presence of any other student, they would be able to share many things without hesitating, and you would be able to address them effectively.

It would also change the image that they have in their mind to someone who is easily approachable. They surely want to attend the class with the full attention of the teacher who is friendly.

Every student is making an effort to learn something new every day even though they are struggling with the new teaching in primary school medium. If they are making an extraordinary achievement, then it would be recognised for sure, but what about the daily progress that the children achieve? Make sure that you highlight it too. It would encourage and motivate them.

Children love of learning challenges and competitions. It drives a sense of competing and winning in them. They tend to put more effort when they know it is a challenge and they want to win among their classmates. The faculties can utilise this to increase student engagement.

The early learning centre which has a limited class size and also can handle various activities like quizzes, study games, and more would increase their attention in the online lectures and make them, independent learners.

If you are the only one speaking throughout the time of the class, it eventually will make the students yawn with boys and girls. Let them take centre stage by initiating the talk over the topic that they are earning. Assign the task to share their views on the topic as per their understanding.

Discussions are also a good learning method in small class sizes. It would allow them to have the conversation with their classmates like the old times in the classroom.

Studying is often seen as boring and you need to do something rather than want to do it. Why is it so? Because it lacks the fun that students get in other activities like games at their secondary schools. Why not incorporate various methods of teaching like discussions, videos, and more to make the class more interesting.

Gamification has also become one of the effective elements of online courses as they draw the student’s attention.

It is time to leave behind the stereotypical ways of teaching students as it may be ineffective in these modern times where the students have great expectations and will to grow.

Covid-19 may have made the school community switch to online classes, but the senior school or middle school teachers and students together can make this experience more engaging and happening.

Source - Who To Boost the Student Engagement in Virtual Classroom Sessions?