Launch Your Online Marketplace Using Knowband’s OpenCart Marketplace Extension

Launch Your Online Marketplace Using Knowband’s OpenCart Marketplace Extension

In the eCommerce industry, the online Marketplace is creating a buzz. All eCommerce stores are currently digging into this plan of action, whether they are large eCommerce businesses or startups. The OpenCart Marketplace App Builder also allows the store admin to transform the eCommerce store into a mobile app. Knowband has also developed a logical solution, namely, the OpenCart Multi-Seller Marketplace extension, for OpenCart-based store owners to establish their own online Marketplace.

What is an OpenCart Multi-Vendor extension?

An OpenCart multi-vendor marketplace is an eCommerce extension that allows various external merchants to advertise their products and sell them on their site by converting them into the eCommerce marketplace. Moreover, the eCommerce store owner is responsible for vendor requests and inventory management. The shop owner is also concerned with the management of the entire site. Because of this, an OpenCart marketplace is a shopping site that connects a variety of merchants and customers.

Knowband’s OpenCart multi-seller plugin even creates the whole marketplace interaction with three fundamental advancements. They are listed below:

1: Purchase the Knowband, OpenCart Marketplace module.

2: Install the OpenCart Marketplace module and allow global vendors to create their profiles.

3: In the backend, the seller’s requests are listed. Additionally, the store owner can accept/reject the seller profile from OpenCart Multi-Seller Marketplace Module.

Along with the basic functionality of a multi-seller marketplace, the OpenCart Multi-Vendor system offers a number of advanced features that make store management simple for the store admin.

Knowband’s OpenCart Marketplace Module Noticeable Features-

1. The store owner can easily transform their single-merchant site into a fully functional multi-seller marketplace. The OpenCart Multi-vendor Marketplace module’s backend can also be used to customize the marketplace. 

2. From the store’s backend, the admin can change the global and individual seller commissions.

3. Sellers who have had their profiles approved by the store admin are able to access their seller dashboard and make changes to their profile information, listings, and orders. They can also quickly add their social media links, banners, and logos from here.


4. The categories are assigned to the sellers by the store admin. Moreover, the vendor can only add items to the categories that have been assigned to them. In any case, if the seller needs an extra category, they can submit a request to the store admin.

5. The products added by vendors are first approved by the admin via the OpenCart Multi-Seller Marketplace module’s backend. Sellers and store owners can even change the item’s details as needed.

6. The store admin can track orders via the OpenCart multi-vendor marketplace plugin’s backend. Vendors can manage their orders using their dashboards.

OpenCart Marketplace App Builder Features -

1. Fully White Label Apps allows the store admin to launch the shopping app under its name, logo, banners images, splash screen, etc. 

2. Dynamic Home Screen Designs allows the store merchants to change the look and feel of the eCommerce mobile app by just using the drag and drop function. 

3. The user can use the easy login feature such as Email, Google & Facebook Login feature that allows them to get into the Android and iOS app easily. 

4. The OpenCart Marketplace App Creator module supports all the eCommerce website languages including RTL (Right To Left) scripts in the mobile app. 

5. The OpenCart Marketplace App Maker module also supports all the eCommerce website payment and shipping options on the eCommerce mobile app. 

6. Additionally, the simplified checkout process provides easy transaction options to the customers and reduces the cart abandonment rate. 


Knowband is one of the most well-known names in the industry of module development. Furthermore, the OpenCart Marketplace module provides multi-vendor marketplace compatibility for mobile apps. The store owners can also now create iOS and Android mobile apps for their eCommerce businesses. Contact us at if you have any questions or need a specific change based on your business needs.

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