How To Never Miss A Dose with a great med manager software?

Based on the researches conducted all over the world it could be said for sure more than 125,000 deaths occur only by non-adherence in medication. What’s even sad is that they were not doomed to happen and its negligence marked its destiny. People suffering from chronic conditions like diabetes and hypertension usually forget to take their medication on time. Talking in facts and figures it would be like more than 60% of the world population suffer from non-adherence in medication which leads to a sudden rise in the demand for med manager software. 

How Covid-19 gave the sector a jump start. 

Never before witnessed the toll of deaths and collapsing the world economy. Yes, it’s about the global pandemic which has led to the adoption of new survival techniques in every sector, especially in healthcare. With more strict restrictions and travel bans, the only way left to reach out to people in need is a digital platform. Pandemic has forced the physical interaction to be completely replaced by digital OPD’s hence the need for a pharmaceutical company to adapt med manager software has also emerged drastically.   

How does med manager software work?

With a single aim in mind, this software was precisely developed to alert every time a user tends to miss any dose. In medical terms, the sole aim of developing software like this was to improve medication adherence. The app software is programmed to flash a push notification on your screen to remind you when to take the next dose. These alerts are closely monitored and a layout is only published after approval from your physician. 

In a nutshell, all the perks of an app could be further categorized into three points:

· One of the easiest forms of reminder is one where alerts are prompts at a certain time which is preset according to schedule and are known as (SMRs).

· Next comes a better-programmed version of reminders coming at number 2 are (AMRs) acronyms for advanced medication reminders they are said so as they have additional tech support like comes with a photo, alerts for any previously missed dose and even various time zones are supported too. 

· The epitome of these apps are (MMAs) or Medical Management Apps they are the ones that are actively in use as they combine all the features of SMRs and AMRs. An additional feature of this app software is here the patient can directly share his/her report.

Essentials formed manager software:

It’s important to keep in mind the essentials while programming error-free med manager software. This competitive spirit should be well taken care of and at the same time putting all time and effort into loading the software with numerous new features. Though many features remain constant which we have taken into account some peculiar aspects are the deciding factor for the success of software. These are:

Digital Slate:

Following a lineup not only grants its user the freedom to pick from different available options yet it even ensures to provide its end user with medical terms, creating a basic proforma, including the name of the medicine and its purpose in reminder.

Advance and digital smart alert:

Digital smart alerts include popup flash notifications which contain a brief description of all the medicine to be taken in a day and with an advanced alert system reminding two days before about exhaustion of all the resources and medicine.

Health monitoring in med manager software:

There are a number of pills that can cause some serious side effects if uncontrolled consumption persists. It becomes difficult to actively 24*7 monitors its patient health thus a team of doctors is created by med manager software to keep a track of all the side effects and re-adjust the medical adherence plan. 

A list of all the successful entrepreneur and med manager software:

One thing which is always true for sure is, which everyone can apply in real life is to first learn about all the pros and cons of every business and then see which you can adapt best and in the case of med manager software these are certain to have apps:


With 5 million active users and 10 M plus download at present Medisafe is the market leader in this sector. The peculiarity of this app is an ease to understand and operate. It sends a single alert or a reminder on the user’s smartphone about the upcoming dose and whether it’s safe to administer with a certain sort of food or can be combined with previously taken medicine.  


Though Medisafe can be the market leader yet it’s CareZone which is regarded as the best med manager software for healthcare. This is so as it comes with some additional features apart from those already present in MediSafe like maintaining a record of all the previous prescriptions and it even keeps a record of upcoming doctor appointments. 

Mango Health

For those who are a fan of making regular diary entries the best software to choose for you would be Mango Health as the layout is similar to that of pages from diary entries. Also, it has the additional feature of sharing individual pages from a complete diary entry. So that next time you remember every appointment date beforehand and never miss a single dose. 


Dosecast is still recognized for its glorious past of one full decade. Adding to wonders, even more, is that it is well equipped with top-class features like refill alarm, medication adherence, and has an in-built algorithm to pre-determine drug-drug interaction. Dosecast still holds the tag for the most customizable and easy-to-use app. 


The new normal is all about confining on self and limiting physical interaction thus the demand for med manager software undoubtedly continues to flourish as it involves direct door-to-door delivery. Another important aspect of such apps is preventing non-adherence of medication and timely preventing many for certain deaths. Thus progressing in this sector is important which can be achieved even via a single pill reminder app. It is too much complex app which has all from A to Z which is from pill reminder to keeping track of upcoming doctor prescriptions.