Common Voice Meetup 會後信

會後資訊 Further info about Common Voice


感謝你參與 7/19 的 Common Voice 聚會。 

Thanks for participating in Common Voice meetup on July 19.

1. 討論頻道 Community Channels

我們開設了兩個 IM 群組,歡迎加入一起討論。 

We had created two IM channels for further discussion. 

- Line: 

- Telegram:

2. 投影片 Slide

當天的投影片與錄影在此。 The slide and video of the event。

- Slide: 

- Video:

3. 照片 Photo


This is our shared album, you’re welcome to upload your photos too. 

4. 報導 News

我們收集了一些 Common Voice 的繁中報導與文章,歡迎協助收集;如果你有相關紀錄,也請與我們分享。 

We had collected some zh-TW news and blogs about Common Voice, if you have also written something about the event, please share with us.

5. 協助句庫收集 Help collect sentences


If you want to help building sentences database, donate your creative (novel, script, blog, chatlog…) or assisting collect public materials (gov. press release…etc) now!


a. 原始材料必須是公眾領域或 CC0 授權(任何其他授權皆不可用),或者你願意公開為公眾領域的資料(放棄送出內容的一切權利) 

b. 將你準備好的原始材料,貼到文字編輯器 

c. 將內容的句點全部更換成換行,一行一句,長度約為 5~10 秒 

d. 保留「日常對話」風格的語句,把所有其他不適合(不是對話,不適合讓人錄音⋯⋯)的句子刪除 

e. 記得把個人資訊去掉 

f. 將檔案儲存為 txt 檔,並且 1) 發送給 Irvin ( or ) 或 2) PR 到此

有任何問題歡迎在 IM 群組討論。

Please follow the steps:

a. The original materials need to be in the public domain or CC0 license, or you would like to release it (without reserve any rights). 

b. Paste all your materials into a text editor 

c. Break sentences into lines, one sentence per line, the length should be around 5-10 seconds. 

d. Preserve “daily dialogue” sentences and remove all unsuitable. (Non-dialog, not recordable… etc.) 

e. Remove any personal information 

f. Save the file into the .txt file and 1) send to Irvin ( or ) or 2) create PR here

Welcome to raise your questions on IM groups.

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