The Swiss Army Knife of online gambling

There’s a lot of stuff out there in cyberland and you could spend your life looking for the sites and resources that will make you a better, smarter and ultimately happier gambler. If the quest is your thrill, by all means have at it. But if you’d like a little advice, a few tools to make your online gambling experience worthwhile, read on. I’ll give you what I consider the essentials, the must haves, the gotta sees.


Know Thy Game

Ignorance is not bliss when it comes to any form of gambling, especially online gambling. The better you know your game, the odds, the house edge, the inside moves, the better player you’ll be. Without a doubt the best online resource for in-depth self-education about the odds and the strategies is The Wizard Of Odds. It ain’t the prettiest site on the planet and it isn’t designed to hold your hand and make you rich. What it will do is train, educate, inform and enlighten you about the casino games you play.


Read The Wizard’s Ten Commandments of Casino Gambling for an excellent reality check and attitude orientation. Try the many browser games in the Play for Fun section. These games aren’t very slick, but you’ll be able to bone up on your strategies by hitting the "Advise" button. There’s a hell of a lot more here and it’ll be worth any player’s time to have a look.


Stay Informed

온라인바둑이  is probably the single best source of news on and about the online casino scene. This is relevant because the online casino industry is very much in a state of flux. The laws are being made and tested as you read this. You’d be surprised at how big a deal our little pastime is and the legislators, investors, developers and players of the world are all part of it.


CasinoWire casts the net, brings in the info, and dishes it up all nice and neat, and it’s all available through their searchable database. Easy to use and current, it’s worth visiting frequently. Of course, you’ll also want to check out our own Gaming News section that features a direct feed from CasinoWire.


One of the Best

Kenny Rogers Casino is one of our favorite casino sites on the web. It’s got all the standard games, enough goodies to put a smile on your face, and a layout and atmosphere that really is comfortable and inviting.


But that’s not enough to make it stand head-and-shoulders above the crowd. What’s really special about Kenny Rogers is the game information in the Tips and Strategies sections. It may not give the seasoned professional much of a thrill, but for the beginner or mid-level player the straight-up, no-bull information on how to and how not to play the games will be a welcome and informative change.


Unlike almost every other casino I’ve visited, Kenny Rogers actually points out the sucker bets, tells you where the smart money goes, and gives you an idea what you need to learn to become a sharp player. It’s good old fashioned customer service and it’s a pleasure to see. Check it out.


Get Serious

When you’re ready to get real serious about your game you’ll want a good source of in-depth information and analysis. Since two of the more popular player choices are Blackjack and Video Poker let me recommend one of each. For the Blackjack player you’d be hard pressed to do better than It’s titled "The Mathematics of Blackjack" and they are not kidding. Betting strategies, counting strategies, the mathematics and the odds are all presented in white-paper and essay format. It’s not going to be of much use to the casual player, but we’re talking about getting serious here, and is real serious about Blackjack.


The Video Poker Page is as close to a winner’s edge in Video Poker as I’ve ever seen. Jeff Lotspiech’s site is unique in that it’s all beef and no filler. He offers one-sheet cheat notes on all the popular forms of Video Poker.


When you first look at the sheet, you figure "no biggie" because it’s just a sheet that shows the hands you could be dealt. Except you look again and realize that he’s telling you what to discard from that hand and what you’re shooting for with your discards. All that on a single sheet.





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