How to get a refund for United Airlines Reservations?

If you have booked your flight via the United Airlines Reservations portal and it has not been so long that you made the booking, then you are eligible to cancel your tickets and get a refund for the same. Some Terms and Conditions are applicable when you request a refund and based on these terms you shall be provided with the applicable refund amount.

There could be umpteen of reasons why you had to cancel your booking, but whatever it is, you can always get some amount back in your account. The refund amount would take up to 7 business days to reflect in your account, therefore you need to have patience once you have made the request.

So, in this write up, we shall have a look at the most appropriate method to request and get a refund for your United Airlines Reservations. Here is how it goes.

Important: a refund is not guaranteed and is only offered at the sole discretion of United Airlines

Method to request a refund

Concluding words

If your refund request gets accepted by the authorities of United Airlines Reservations, then you shall see the refund amount in your account within a few days. Sometimes, it may take more than 7 days for the refund to get credited to your account or the original mode of payment. However, if you do not get the refund, you should check your mail for any messages from the airline authorities.