Importance of decoding your teen’s chat language

In the blink of an eye, your kid undergoes a lot of transformation and you see him turning in to an adult when he reaches his teenage. But, not all parents are frank with their children and vice versa.

All of us know that teenagers are the most crucial part of a human being’s life but at the same time, it is quite complicated. However, sometimes parents ignore the little changes that his young one is undergoing.

When you go on to think, you will realize that your kid’s activities have undergone a rapid change. From playing games on smartphones to getting involved in online chatting, their activities have changed completely.

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But, what is more, important here is that you would not what they are sending to their peers because the language they have started to use is highly coded. So, as an adult, you should be able to decipher their texting language in order to learn about what they are up to.

List of some common coded phrases/words

If you find out that your kid is using any such words or phrases in his chats, then you must look up for their meaning. What you can do as an adult is to look for it on the internet and decode what he is trying to say.

What should be your responsibility as an adult?

Other than this, make sure you are not being harsh on them as would result in nothing but the child going against you. Always lean the context behind whatever they are sharing or learning on the internet.