Not Sure When to Get Your Spark Plugs Replaced? Look for These 6 Signs 

Most drivers are led to believe that whenever they have trouble starting their car, it’s a problem  with the battery. While this could be one possible factor, it’s important to note that it’s not the only  factor. 

Sometimes, it could just be old or faulty spark plugs. While most people aren’t aware of this, spark  plugs play a decisive role in getting your car running in no time. It might be time to change your  spark plugs whenever your car starts acting up, especially when you try to start it. 

Fortunately, we’ve made it easy to identify when your spark plugs need replacing with this guide.  Read on to find out when to change your spark plugs by paying attention to the following symptoms. 

When’s  it a good time to change your spark plugs?

When your car has trouble starting

As its name suggests, your spark plugs provide the energy required to get your engine started and  running. Every time you attempt to start your car, the spark plugs provide the spark to power your  engine for the duration of the drive. 

If your car has trouble starting, it typically suggests that either your spark plugs, or your battery,  could be the problem. If the car stalls as it starts, it hints towards old or faulty spark plugs. If the car  doesn’t start at all, it’s most likely the battery that’s the problem. 

When your ’check engine’ light turns on

There have been cases where faulty spark plugs or spark plug wires have rendered the ’check engine’  light to turn on. In fact, car technology has improved a lot, especially when it comes to notifying the  driver about potential faults. 

The auto service experts at Service My Car have stated that if you have worn-out spark plugs, the  most obvious sign would be the ’check engine’ light turning on. 

When the engine idles roughly and can be heard

It’s best to turn down the music, shut all your windows, and pay close attention to the engine’s  rumble for this one. If you happen to hear any rattling or knocking sounds coming from the engine, it  might hint towards faulty or worn-out spark plugs.


When your car won’t accelerate quick enough

As you drive your car regularly, you get used to how it handles and accelerates. If you start noticing  any oddities in its responsiveness, especially when you try to accelerate, it denotes that your spark  plugs might need to be replaced.

When you find yourself filling fuel more often than usual

Worn-out spark plugs tend to increase your car’s fuel consumption since your engine doesn’t burn  the fuel efficiently enough. As a result, old, faulty, or worn-out spark plugs tend to take a toll on your  mileage. 

If you find signs that your car needs more juice than expected, it’s likely that your spark plugs have  to be replaced. 

When your car manufacturer says it’s time

We’ve said this before, and we’ll say it forever. It’s a rule of thumb that your manufacturer and  owner’s manual have to be consulted in any matters of car maintenance. 

As such, you’re always advised to follow the recommended service intervals prescribed by your  manufacturer. These service intervals will also dictate when your spark plugs have to be replaced, as  it’s typically recommended every 130,000km. 

However, if you happen to notice any of the aforementioned symptoms, it’s best to get your engine  and spark plugs checked by a reputed garage. If you continue to drive with faulty spark plugs, it  could result in much more devastating and expensive engine damage. 

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