Along with tons of products and services to make work-life easier, Microsoft realized that it is important to create a digital employee experience that would ultimately lead to a better customer experience. For instance, is for consumers, and Viva insights, connections, etc. are for employees.

In this very tech-savvy world, where Microsoft has spread its arms to serve the entire world, managing the workforce is very tricky. That is why they came up with an employee-centric software platform- Microsoft Viva.

It is a platform, exclusively designed to enhance employee experiences and their engagement by bringing together different conversations, knowledge and opinions, learning, and insights. It is, in simple words, a better-digitized way of extending the employee reach with different communications.

This read is focused on making employees across the world feel at home, increase their takeaways, and help the organization with better management of their workforce.

FOUR VIVA CORNERS THAT CREATES AN EXPERIENCE BOX has always been helping consumers with the activation procedure with a vision of empowering people with efficient technology. And people working for Microsoft all around the world have been working hard to deliver the best service.

It was soon that Microsoft realized empowering consumers should not be the only focus. Workers all around the world shall be empowered too. Microsoft Viva can be said to be a reflection of the quote- "To win in the marketplace you must first win in the workplace".

Similar to which enhances user experience, the Viva platform was built to enhance employee engagement and experience. To digitally assist workers, Microsoft came up with the four modules of the platform- Connections, Insights, Topics, and Learning.

Employee empowerment is the new gateway for maximized consumer utility.

Viva Connections

As suggested by the name, it helps in connecting or bringing employees together from every corner of the world and guides in navigating Microsoft’s complex global management and organization.

Viva Insights

This module offers services and solutions to help employees, leaders, and managers to increase their working hours along with improving their abilities to take breaks, unplug from work, and reconnect with the real world.

Viva Topics

Topics module refers to knowledge discovery, and this platform incorporates advanced artificial intelligence (AI), along with machine learning (ML) to analyze and bring in collections for different resources and topics.

Viva Learning

This module focuses on improving learning opportunities, better skill investments, and extending organizational support.


With an aim of people-centric services, Microsoft came up with to help consumers activate their subscriptions, and wanted to do something similar to empower their workforce worldwide.

They came up with a software platform that let workers all around the world come together for a single cause- increasing employee belongingness to generate maximized consumer utility.

Microsoft Viva has four exclusive modules that let employees build up the knowledge-base, share opinions, connect, and digitize the worker assistance. The above-detailed read will help you understand the initiative by Microsoft.