How to log in to Cash App without a phone number?

Cash App login can be done in different ways, with or without the phone number, using your email address, or username. The most convenient way to access your account is by logging in using your phone number. However, at times, you might not have the access to your registered mobile number due to which you will not be able to carry out the Cash App login process. 

But, one should not worry about this situation as you can easily log in to your Cash App account even without the phone number. So, here in this post, we shall learn the method to log in to a Cash App account without the phone number. 

So, here we go.

Cash App login without phone number

To access your Cash App account without having to use your phone number, you can complete the steps given below:

This is how one can access a Cash App account even if he does not have access to his registered mobile number.

How to merge Cash App accounts?

The process to merge two Cash App accounts is quite simple. You simply need to create a new account first using a new phone number. After this, you have to link the same bank account that you used with the previous one. The two accounts will be merged after following some easy steps.


Cash App login can be completed even if you do not have access to your registered phone number. As you can see, the process is quite simple and does not consume much time as well. However, if you do not have access to your registered email address as well, then you may complete the steps given here to merge Cash App accounts.