Which game is the best substitute for ‘Among Us’?

If you are bored of becoming an imposter, you can always be a spy instead. When you enter the world of any game, you need to play different roles and there are different responsibilities you need to complete in order to reach your destination. 

‘Among Us’ is one such game that is played on a greater level. The game has crossed different records created by PUBG as a lot of people are downloading it on their PCs. The game which features murder mystery is loved by people across the planet. 

Well, if you are bored of this game and looking for its substitute, then here is yet another interesting game for you. ‘Spyfall’ is one such game that is among the top of Spy Games List and this game lets you play the role of spy. 

In this game, an emergency meeting is called up whenever one of the crew members gets killed by the opponent. Although you may find some similarities between ‘Among Us’ and ‘Spyfall’ but there are much differences between the two. 

The goal of both the games is also somewhat similar but for a change, you may always opt for ‘Spyfall’. 

Let’s find out the differences 

Some players might not find ‘Spyfall’ as interesting as ‘Among Us’ but if you go on to play the former one, you will eventually develop interest in it. In the latter one, your task is to get to detect who the imposter is. While in the other one you need to find out who is the spy and that’s the basic difference between the two. 

Social interaction is the one thing that you would love about Spyfall which is not the case with Among US. You get to enjoy an exciting session of icebreaking. Also, you can enjoy this game with your friends, not physically but virtually. 

While speaking about Spyfall, we can say that this online game lets you have a real-time gaming experience. When you begin the game, you will eventually find yourself in a common room and this is another similarity between the two games. 

One bonus point of playing this game is that you can save yourself some storage space. This is because you can readily play this game online.