Top ways you can steer clear of payment apps scam

Taking ourselves ten years back, we did not know that we’d be making payments through our smartphones and neither did we know that we would not have to visit a bank in order to make any transactions. Since the technology has matured immensely, so are the hackers. They are devising new ways to make your digital life more vulnerable and now they are focusing on digital payment apps. Knowing that people are using digital payment apps at a great level, hackers have started to find loopholes in the digital payment system. 

Since we are more inclined towards finding ways that make our lives convenient, we do not care much about our digital security and that’s what hackers take benefit of. So, the post below will show you how you can steer clear of these payment app scams.

Tips to stay safe

No matter how many payment apps you use, stop being lazy about protecting each app separately and safeguarding your devices as well as the apps present on it with multiple authentication methods. For example, you can use your Face ID unlock method, finger-print unlocking, and so on.

If you want, you can go to the official website of Bitdefender Central and find a mobile security solution that you think would work the best for you. Make sure that you secure all your apps as well as a mobile device by using the security features present in it.

If you do not want to send money to the wrong person, then you should opt for another way of sending money. Well, we are not talking about visiting the bank in person, but you can definitely use another method. For example, you can ask the person you are sending money to send you a payment request so that it is affirmed that you are sending money to the right person.

Since you cannot cancel a payment or stop it while it is processing, therefore, it is always a great idea to check the details carefully before you tap on the "Send" option. In case you want to send a huge amount, try sending $1 first and then ask the other person if he has received it. If yes, then you may go ahead with completing more transactions.

If you ever lose your credit or debit card or you see a transaction that is not made by you in your activity list, then report it to the concerned authority right away. According to the experts at Norton LifeLock, any suspicious payment reported by the users is eligible for a refund. So, make sure you do that immediately.


In my personal opinion, it is your carelessness and hackers’ smart mind that leads you to make wrong moves which ultimately land you in bigger trouble. So, if you are also concerned about your security, then you should think twice before you install any digital payment application on your device. Make sure you are installing the official application and not its lookalike.