How to watch Amazon prime on a Samsung TV?

Watching and streaming your favorite TV shows or videos on a smart device is an easy process and can be completed within a few minutes. But, if you do not have the Amazon login details of the account with which you purchased your Prime membership, then it may not be as easy as you think. So, prior to beginning this process, you should recover your Amazon prime video login details as quick as possible. Well, connecting your smart device to the prime membership benefits takes only a few minutes but only

if you follow each steps carefully.

Method to register prime video services on a smart TV

To start streaming prime video and TV shows on your Samsung TV, you should activate your prime

subscription on your device by using the steps given below:

1. Press the “Home” button using the remove that came with your internet connected TV

2. Go to the “Featured Apps” section or the differently named apps section of your device

3. Now, look for the Amazon Video icon and tap on it

4. If you could not find it, download it on your TV

5. Next up, you should choose one of the given two options

6. Either choose “Sign In and Start watching” or choose “Register on the Amazon website”

7. Now, complete the Amazon prime login process

8. Note down the code displayed on your screen

9. Now, go to the Amazon prime video login page-

10. Then, sign in with your Amazon login details

11. Enter the same code and click “continue”

12. Click “Continue” again when you see the confirmation message


Thus, by having a glance at the steps given above, we can say that activating your prime video subscription is easy if you remember the correct details. Therefore, I have listed the complete details to start watching Amazon prime on a smart television including a smart Samsung TV.