What all is included in Best Buy Extended Warranty?

When you purchase any product or services from Best buy you will get the best buy extended warranty for one-year. This warranty period lasts for 365 days from the date of purchasing the products. It is important to acknowledge that the date of purchase as printed on the receipt that you have received the product. 


How to obtain the warranty service on Best Buy Extended Warranty?

If you have purchased the product from Best buy retail store then you need to take the original receipt and the product to the Best buy store. Just make sure that you have placed the product with its original packaging that provides the same amount of protection as the original packaging of the product. If you have purchased the product from the best buy online website then you can ask the users to mail the receipt on the website.


Where you can avail the Best Buy Extended Warranty services?

The warranty services are only valid in the US and Canada that too at the Best buy branded retail stores or the websites for making a genuine purchase of the product in the country where the product is made.


What is not covered under Best Buy Extended Warranty?

There are certain points that are important points that are covered under Best Buy Extended Warranty:


Final thoughts:

We hope that by now you are clear with the essentials that are included in the Best Buy Extended Warranty. However, if you are still unclear about the warranty of the products that are purchased from Best buy, then you can visit the official Best buy website to get more information.