How to manage the settings for an AOL Mail account?


AOL mail is one among the earliest online service providers with email services being its major focus. And to the present day, AOL Mail features a great reputation round the globe. It offers services which will be accurately customized to match all of your needs- you get to personalize your emails, manage all the received messages, the apparel of your mailbox then far more .

When you create an account or check in to your account via, you furthermore may get to sync it with other third-party applications to access and use your AOL Mail account. And for that, there are a couple of changes or adjustments required in your account settings. This read will walk you thru the whole process along side a rational explanation.

Understand what SMTP is?

SMTP stands for easy Mail Transfer Protocol, which may be a group of set rules that directs how communication will occur among two or more email accounts. And for accounts on SMTP may be a strong protocol that’s required to line up an AOL account on another email provider’s service for sending out emails.

Understand what POP and IMAP?

You probably would want some protocol to receive emails within the mail application you’re using, therefore, POP (Post Office Protocol) and IMAP (Internet Message Access Protocol) come to the image . Either one among these protocol settings are often wont to found out the receiving a part of the e-mail server via your email provider.

How to choose changes with SMTP, POP, and IMAP?

The below details are exactly, what your Email Settings must appear as if if, you’re choosing the manual setup for Microsoft Outlook with account:

SMTP Settings for AOL

 1. AOL Server name should be set to smtp aol com

2. The server port must be set to 465

3. Encryption should be TLS/SSL

4. SMTP Username must be your AOL email

5. SMTP Password should match the AOL password

POP Settings for AOL

1. AOL Server name should be set to pop aol com

2. The server port should be 995

3. Encryption should be set to SSL

IMAP Settings for AOL

1. AOL Server name should be set as imap aol com

2. The server port must be at 993

3. Encryption must be adjusted to SSL


AOL has always thrived with the services it provides and one among the simplest ideologies was to let users access their AOL mail accounts on third-party applications in situ of only And almost like all of its services, you only need to make a couple of tweaks and adjust your account settings to profit from the feature. undergo the above read and understand what SMTP, POP and IMAP are and you’ll know what changes are to be made.

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