First Impressions of the Gospel according to Luke

The Gospel of Luke plays an essential role in the Christian world. Many consider it to be one of the major authentic sources that tell the original story of the Christ’s advent. Therefore, there is a need to analyze it in detail in order to understand the main principles of Christianity and its basic beliefs.

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The main purpose of the Gospel of Luke is to express the idea of the advent of Messiah. Christ is considered to be the prophet who came to bring salvation to all people in the world. In addition, this Gospel professes an idea of the universal love of God toward the humanity. According to it, God has sent his Son to the Earth in order to forgive the sins of the whole mankind. Thus, everyone has a real chance for salvation. Luke emphasizes that the task of every person is to give up his habits and earthly way of life and follow Christ and his teaching (Luke 9: 23-29). Therefore, we can conclude that the main message of the Gospel of Luke is to tell people about the coming of Jesus and his intention to save all people. Every person can receive the eternal life with God because Jesus has come in order to find and save those who are lost (Luke 19: 9-10). Although Luke expressed this idea twenty centuries ago, in the modern world it still preserves its relevance and importance.

Luke describes Jesus as a perfect man. In this Gospel we can find the description of Jesus’ childhood and growth. It is interesting that Luke did not focus his attention on Jesus appearance. He is more interested in depicting his traits and personal characteristics. Therefore, we can see that Jesus was very kind and sympathetic to all people disregarding their nationality and financial position. Moreover, he was kind to sinners and gave them a chance to repent. For example, when Jesus was visiting a Pharisee who had invited him to his house, one sinful woman came and began to wet Jesus feet with her tears. Jesus did not drive her out, but let her be inside (Luke 7: 36-38). Additionally, Jesus was often found in a company of tax collectors (Luke 5:29). Jesus considered all people in the world valuable and worthy of his time and attention. He spent plenty of time with women, children, tax collectors, prostitutes, and non-Jews. Therefore, we can see the Luke considered Jesus to be a good example to follow.

Speaking about the discipleship, Luke gives the advice for people to follow. Firstly, he shows that Christ had twelve apostles whom he chose himself. However, every person can get salvation if decides to follow Christ. Thus, Luke says that everyone who wants to get an eternal life should deny his earthly life and follow Christ and his teaching. He emphasizes that everyone who loses in the earthly life will be rewarded after death, while those who think more about their daily routine will lose everything. (Luke 9:23-25). Thus, the main idea of the discipleship consists in the necessity to give up earthly habits for the sake of the eternity. It is better to live a poor and quiet life on earth than to lose an opportunity to meet with God after death. Only righteous and faithful life gives the forgiveness of sins.

Reading and analyzing the Gospel of Luke leaves positive impressions and contains valuable information for all Christians. It gives hope for everyone to be forgiven. Moreover, it consists of many interesting and instructive parables that teach how to behave in different cases. Additionally, we should remember that this Gospel contains the word of Jesus addressed to the whole humanity. Therefore, it is of a great value for the Christian world. What surprised me mostly in this Gospel is the expression of universal and deep love. According to Luke, only perfect love can bring salvation to the world.

To sum up, the Gospel of Luke gives us valuable information about Jesus life and his teaching. It shows us how to live properly and how to receive salvation.