How to Setup a VPN on Mac Device

Setting up a VPN on Mac helps protect your personal data from cybercriminals in public networks. But that’s not all. A VPN also protects your internet traffic data, while granting you access to otherwise geographically-blocked content.

Should you choose to set up a VPN for Mac, you’d ultimately have two options:

The easiest means to get a VPN up and running on your Mac computer is to use a third-party VPN app. Should you choose to do so, your setup process will likely look like this:

Your Mac computer typically gives you the option of manually configuring your VPN settings. Of course, this isn’t a VPN of itself, but an option that lets you manually install a VPN on your MAC device without a third-party app.

Thankfully, the process isn’t too complicated. Here’s what it should look like:

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