Flutter 1.22 Update: Support For Android 11 And iOS 14

Every quarter, Flutter announces a list of features and modifications targeted at improving the performance of the application and fixing existing bugs. Between the update of November 2018 and now, the designing of the SDK has been done to grow new operating systems alongside apart from enabling business enterprises to make a strong presence on the web.

The latest version is enriched with many benefits of flutter mobile app development by extending the support for Android 11 and iOS 14. There is also a chain of new tools been introduced by the community for enhancing localization and dissecting app sizes at the stage of development.

If you are also running a company or a brand and want to diversify into both iOS and Android platforms in the latest versions, we will strongly recommend you to certified flutter app developers and kick-start your journey with an effortless experience of an app that is compatible with all the native features of the operating systems.

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