Managing and Tracking the Blood Sugar Level for Diabetic Persons 

Diabetes is the major problem that is taking place in many people. Diabetes has no cure to date but the only thing that can be considered in the case of diabetes is that one can take precautions and be safe and maintain it. In this, the sugar level needs to be maintained. This usually happens when the sugar level decreases down or increases too much which ultimately leads to many other problems. In this condition chances of getting heart diseases increases and so one must take proper precautions while having this disease. So here we will be discussing how to manage the blood sugar level and thus be able to live a healthy life. 

How to check blood sugar level?

Checking blood sugar levels is a must as this will help in maintaining the sugars. If the sugar goes high we can thus reduce it down. To keep this there are several ways to keep a check over the blood sugar level.

1.       Blood sugar level chart by age: This chart helps in keeping a check over the sugar level. This is a predefined chart that is being constructed according to the body weight and body mass index. This determines how and when the patient should take the sugars accordingly. This chart is designed as per the age groups as different age groups have different mechanisms so the sugar amount given to different age groups is defined in this chart. The blood sugar level chart by age can be way helpful for people in maintaining the blood sugar level and thus be healthy.

2.       Sugar level checking machines: There are machines available in the market that can be used to keep track of the sugar level of the body. Diabetic patients can easily go for the machines and keep track of their sugar levels. This is usually done in the morning time and referred to as a Glucometer. It measures the amount of sugar in a small amount of blood. The blood is taken from the fingertip and thus tested in the machine. 

When to check blood sugar level?

It is very important to note that when the blood sugar level needs to be checked. One cannot check the blood sugar level every time and there is a fixed time when the sugar level counts to be accurate. So one must check the blood sugar level at that particular time only. Usually, the typical times that include in when to check for the blood sugar levels are the early morning time. When you get up early morning without consuming anything the test should be conducted. Also one can go test before meals. This should be done one hour before the meal. If we talk about after meals that can also be done but after two hours of the meal. The main concern in this is that one should be an empty stomach to go for the test.

What is the blood sugar level target?

Managing the blood sugar level is very important so one must know the optimum level of sugar in a person. As per the age, it might vary but to an optimum, before a meal, the sugar level should range between 80 – 130 mg/dL whereas if we count after meal it can go up to 180 mg/dL.

But it should be noted that this is an ideal level target and is not fixed, this completely depends upon the age of the person. So the charts are being made to keep a check over the same. Also, the person with some problem or other disease might vary and so accordingly the sugar level can be maintained.