Flexsil | High-Performance Foundry Filters

Flexsil®, the industry-leading refractory cloth filter material, is recognized as the premier filter cloth solution. It is Processed using proprietary ingredients at AMETEK Foundry Products manufacturing facilities in the USA, you will not find another silica mesh filter supplier with our depth of technical excellence and attention to detail in regards to consistently meeting customer expectations. Each and every stage of our manufacturing process is monitored, tracked and maintained to minimize variables and maximize quality.

 Flexsil fabric is woven from high strength silica fibers, then coated with a unique, proprietary resin. Flexsil fabric is available in two different stages, “B” or “C”. The “B” stage cloth is semi-soft, slightly tacky, and is the base material for thermally cured end products such as investment casting filter cups and pre-stiffened cut pieces. The “C” stage cloth is cured to a full dry stiff condition ideal for cut piece applications used industrywide for riser knock-off and general degating.


 Key Features of Flexsil

Chemically active surface traps more impurities

Available as rigid filter cups that increase pour rates