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Doyle went on to earn a master’s degree in administrative education; after all, if he couldn’t play sports, he wouldteach sports. By that time, he had already begun traveling to different colleges to play in small poker games, winning often. When he realized how little teachers were paid, he decided against that profession.


He explained to me that he received only one paycheck! "I went to work selling bookkeeping equipment in my assigned territory for the Burroughs Corporation. When I saw my first paycheck, I realized I could rake in more money in one pot than what I made after a whole week of hard work! I knew right away where my ’territory’ was. It was right there in those small poker games in Texas."



The Good Ol’ Days

In the early days, there were no legal Pengeluaran Hkpoker rooms, and Doyle drove hundreds of miles to play in a good "outlaw" poker game. He lived through an era in which one had to concern oneself not only with winning, but collecting the money and then being lucky enough to get out of town safely with the money!


In those years, Doyle explains that he had to worry about getting cheated, robbed, attacked, beaten, or even arrested before he got out of Dodge with his bankroll.


He was robbed more times than he can remember, and believe me, the man’s recollection is phenomenal. He recalls sitting in a poker game on Exchange Avenue in Fort Worth one bleak day: "All of a sudden, someone busted the door down blasting a shotgun. The gunman shot off the head of the guy sittin’ next to me. I saw the guy’s head falling off and splattering against the wall! It was tough, that’s what it was, tough." It was not an easy life, nor a safe one.


Watching Each Other’s Back

After becoming comfortable in the small college games, the ever-competitive Doyle moved up to the bigger games, which were held on the north side of Fort Worth. He describes the area as being the toughest place in the world to play poker. "Robbery and murder were ordinary occurrences. That’s where I got my real training. The big money was in the games on what we called the ’Bloodthirsty Highway,’ because everybody there was an outlaw of some sort. There were thieves, robbers, murderers, and pimps, who just happened to be the guys who made the poker games really good."


After winning money from these odd characters, Doyle moved to a bigger game yet, and explained: "I got to where I was winning pretty regularly. That’s when I first met Sailor Roberts. We started traveling around together, playing in the big games. We met up with Amarillo Slim and the three of us formed a kind of partnership. We worked out of one bankroll and kind of watched each other’s back." Doyle was quick to add that being partners didn’t mean they colluded, but that they used one bankroll, and everyone knew it.


He explained that back then, there were no computers, calculators, or instructional books filled with statistical analyses of poker hands. "I was the first guy to crunch hands," he said. He would sit for hours on end, dealing hand after hand, thousands of hands, until he recognized a pattern.


"After a poker session, Amarillo Slim and I would go to a Roadway Inn and get twin beds. We’d lie awake half the night on our separate beds, talking about the mistakes we’d made and how we could have played differently. That made me more advanced than other players at the time."



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