Safe Deposit Vault or Safe Deposit Lockers

This facility is not provided through all bank branches and wherever the facility is offered, allocation of a safe deposit vault will be subject to availability and compliance with other terms and conditions related to this service. A safe deposit locker can be rented by one person alone or jointly with another person. Nomination facility to HUFs, firms, limited companies, associates, societies, trusts, etc. is available to a person holding lockers either singly or jointly. In respect of lockers kept in joint names, up to two nominees may be appointed. Our locker holders can mandate access to the locker in the event of the death of one of the holders who are in the same lines for deposit accounts. In the absence of a nomination or mandate to dispose of the contents of the lockers, the bank will issue the contents of the locker to the legal heirs against the indemnity on the lines applied to deposit the accounts, to avoid hardship to the common people.