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A good way to stay passionate in a relationship is to try different things. To do this, you must be very open-minded and always be willing to experiment with new sensations that fan the flame between you and your partner. And it is that having a good relationship with a partner does not have to be limited only to preparing romantic dinners from time to time or to give a surprise to the other, but there are also resources such as erotic massages that must be taken into account. Next, we show you all the tricks that Aerocity escorts use to do erotic massages and leave the other wanting to repeat.

An erotic massage is one that stimulates the nerve endings and, especially, those that have to do with the erogenous zones of the body. In fact, it is one of the best preliminaries that can exist. When you try it, you will see why.

The main advantage of this type of sensual practice is that it helps both people in a couple to remind each other how much they love and desire each other. Perhaps, day-to-day occupations prevent us from showing the other person how much you still value and desire them, that is why it is important to take a little time from time to time to devote a little more attention to them and to strengthen bonds of couple.

How do you usually communicate intimately with your partner? Surely you do not tend to talk too much and that your caresses and kisses speak for themselves. Well, there you have the basis of erotic massages. What prevails in them is touch. Turn off the lights in the room you are in and start caressing the other person and kissing them gently, you will see how quickly you become excited.

First of all, remember that you are not a professional masseuse, so all the touching that you are going to perform on the body of the other person, you must try to make them as less abrupt as possible so as not to damage the body of the other. You don’t want to end a night of passion in the hospital, right?

It is advisable that the Escorts Bangalore  erotic massage be carried out in a comfortable place for both of you, it is preferable that it be on a double bed, since it is quite wide. Prepare it and ask your partner to lie face down. Put a pillow or cushion under her head so she is comfortable and can relax easily.

Of course, try to make your hands transmit to the other all the passion and love that you feel for him, so you can surely excite or de-stress him after a hard day at work. And if after more than half an hour of massage you still doubt if you are doing it correctly, look at your partner’s face and surely you leave doubts.


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