How to Write Eye-Catchy Introduction to the Humanities Assignment?

Several students are pursuing humanities courses. Many of them are dealing with a huge challenge that is, ‘how to complete their assignment creatively?’ It is becoming a headache for them as their academic paper is getting rejected day-by-day because of zero creativity. The students are not even able to write a catchy introduction. And it is affecting to get their assignment completed on time. They have a lack of time and lending to seek humanities assignment help online. If you are struggling with the same, then read this article and know how to impress your readers by writing a compelling introduction. 


Formulate a Specific Topic

First, you need to formulate a specific topic. It includes the ideas that you have brainstormed. Also, ensure that the issue you have chosen is readable and understandable to the reader. You need to make a list of what you are going to manage to cover the topic. It will help the reader to grasp the gist of the write-up.


Outline the Aspects 

Once you formulate the topic, you need to outline all the mandatory aspects of the assignment. Consider the essential information that is must to include and then make the outline accordingly. While writing the introduction, think like a reader and then make an appropriate outline.


Add Hooks

An introduction is the primary part of the content. You need to understand that reader will read the rest of the document only if he finds the prime section curious. So, to make it alluring, you have to include hooks. It will make the reader eager to read the content. It can be a quote, question, surprising factor, metaphor, simile, descriptive, story, etc.


Create a Thesis Statement

You must keep the topic in your mind while writing. So, always make sure that you must create the thesis statement in your introduction to retain the reader till the end. It must stick to the topic itself. Whatever information you write, you need to give evidence also to protect it. So make a comment wisely.


Add Counter Arguments

When you have given a thesis affirmation, you have to add the counter-arguments to support your statement. To write it effectively, you need to identify the opposing argument, then only you can add authentic pieces of evidence. You can include facts, figures, examples, or other mandatory things to strengthen your statement. 


Give a Brief Preview

After including a counter-argument in your introduction, you have to insert a specific preview. It will help the reader to get a legitimate gist about the rest of the content. You must ensure that you only give a slight overview of what you will discuss in your content.



These are the steps that you need to include in your academic paper to make your introduction eye-catchy. If you want the proper attention of your reader, then make sure you write a compelling introduction. If you are unable to write the introductory part effectively, then you can seek humanities assignment help online from experienced writers. 



This article tells you about how to write an eye-catchy introduction in your humanities assignment. By following each step, you will be able to achieve good grades in your academic paper.