How to activate Microsoft Publisher on a computer?

Be it the paid subscription of any product or its trial version, you need to activate it on your device to start making the best use of it. The same happens when you purchase a Microsoft Publisher product that usually comes pre-equipped with Microsoft Office Professional.

However, if you only want to use the Microsoft Office Publisher application and do not want to install the complete Microsoft Office suite, then you can opt for the 60-days free trial as well. But, this offer is available only for users who have not taken the free-trial benefits already.

Those users who haven’t used the trial version of any of the Microsoft Office versions can go ahead with activating their subscription at by referring to applying the steps given in the section below.

Activating Office Publisher on a PC

Note: If you are going to activate the free trial, you need to purchase the full-priced product after the end of the trial period.

To Conclude:

By referring to this, we can say that activating the trial version of Microsoft Publisher via was an easy process. However, while activating the free-trial offer, you shall be asked to link a payment method to your account through which you shall be automatically charged once your trial period ends. If you do not want to get charged automatically, you shall switch to the paid version beforehand or cancel the trial version of any Microsoft product you are using.