Introduction to College Writing

College Writing

Nimble and effective writing skills are necessary for school, college, and university students. However, no one is born a perfect writer. On the contrary, the process of acquiring new skills is time-consuming, lengthy, and tiresome. At the same time, if people are determined enough, they will definitely become excellent writers in the nearest future. This essay aims to establish and analyze my personal strengths and weaknesses in writing. In addition, information about likes and dislikes concerning the sphere of writing will be paid attention to as well

I would like to stress that many students start studying at college being very confused, unprepared, and inexperienced. In addition, the majority of them become extremely overwhelmed by high writing standards. In most cases, professors set high standards and expect the students to reach their expectations. However, not all college students are experienced enough to surprise their teachers. To be honest, I have never considered myself a perfect writer with excellent language skills. Nevertheless, I believe, my skills in writing are not poor or definitely unreadable. I would like to stress that despite the fact that writing is not a kind of hobby for me, I still have some experience as I have tried my writing strengths in practice. In other words, I have worked on a site for some time with the purpose to earn money. That work was directly connected with writing as I have produced a large number of texts on various topics including politics, economics, linguistics, etc. Therefore, this part-time job has helped me to improve my skills and knowledge in writing. Besides, my writing experience has enlarged with the help of this job.

Moreover, this temporary occupation has brought not only tiny profits, but enormous pleasure as well. In spite of the fact that my skills have greatly improved since that time, my writing is still characterized by a number of weak points and deficiencies. Firstly, I consider spoken vocabulary to be one of the major weaknesses of my skills in writing. Many people are convinced that poor spoken language designates poor imagination as well as limited word stock of a writer. For this reason, each writer, including me, has to possess a copious stock of terms and broaden the lexicon daily. Secondly, inadequate usage of different tenses as well as inappropriate passive voice use is my individual failure that has to be solved. Thirdly, sometimes, I find it very tiring and boring to read repeatedly the same text for a long period of time. However, I und

erstand that such phase as editing should not be neglected in order not to miss important grammatical and spelling mistakes. Finally, I will do my best in order to learn and distinguish the peculiarities of each writing style.

Having analyzed the weaknesses of writing, I would like to discuss several personal strengths. Telling the truth, I enjoy accomplishing various writing activities. Furthermore, sometimes I feel confident that I have enough experience and knowledge to create the text that is worth to be read. Besides, one of my greatest and the most valuable strengths in writing is a so-called speed at which I usually perform written tasks.

I believe that writing should be understood as a basis upon which the “product” or “creation” of each person can be judged, evaluated, and criticized. What I like about writing is that it provides a unique opportunity to individuals to express personal views, thoughts, and ideas. Moreover, effective and qualitative writing is considered to be an essential job skill or a so-called way to high academic achievements. At the same time, I do not like the fact that in the process of writing, the person is limited by a huge amount of rules including grammar and punctuation. In my opinion, these rules limit the imagination and fantasy of writers.

My personal approach to writing is based on the idea that all types of writing, including professor-assigned or self-assigned, involve numerous decisions and choices. Each writer should possess enough skills and experience in order to choose good topics, suitable words, appropriate grammar, tone, voice, titles, subtitles, introductions, middles, and final sentences in an effective way. As a result, I would like to stress that each writer is recommended to follow the rules and norms of writing in order to become a professional with an excellent reputation in the future.