The Features You Should Expect In eCommerce Shopping App

The time spent on mobile devices has increased over time. According to the research, users are spending most of their time on mobile devices. That means the users are using the mobile app with a great frequency. This is the key factor that inspires the eCommerce store owners to launch mobile apps. The Mobile App Builder is an affordable solution for many small and mid-sized businesses. It also provides all the required features that are necessary for business growth. Knowband is one of the providers of the most popular plugins in the eCommerce market and its Mobile app Maker for various platforms such as PrestaShop and OpenCart will help the eCommerce stores to grow in the most efficient manner and generate more sales.

1. Personalized Experience-

The eCommerce brands are searching for new ways to make the user experience more personalized. The personalization of the eCommerce mobile app is very important because it helps to stand out in the market and fulfills the user’s expectations. Launching the shopping app under its own brand name, logo and value create a more reliable connection with the users. 

2. Intuitive and Easy Navigation -

The easy navigation option of the Mobile App Maker helps the store admin to minimize their manual efforts. The store admin can customize the Native App for eCommerce with a few mouse clicks without getting into the coding technicality. 

3. Quick Registration Process

The registration process must be easy, simple, and convenient for the users. It allows the customers to easily get into the mobile app for eCommerce without wasting unnecessary time. The registration/login option such as Google, Facebook, and email retains the interest of the online shoppers in Android and iOS apps. 

4. Seamless Checkout-

The Checkout process in the Mobile app Creator ensures easier order submission with secure payments. The key to an easy and seamless checkout feature is to only ask for the required information from the user. The seamless checkout feature of the Mobile App Maker allows users to fill only limited and accurate information and let them make purchases in a more facile manner. 

More Features -

Some extra features of the Mobile App Creator are mentioned below. 

1. The store admin can easily enable all the Commerce store payment and shipping options on the eCommerce mobile app.

2. The store owner can take the eCommerce market internationally by enabling Multilingual and RTL support features in the Mobile App for eCommerce. 

3. Around 92% of online visitors tend to read reviews first, before buying the products. So, the Mobile app Builder allows the users to review and rate the purchased products.

4.  The wishlist feature of the Mobile App Creator removes the user’s limitations of adding the product into the cart for future purchases. The customers can add the product to the wishlist that they wish to buy later and get a more organized eCommerce shopping experience in the eCommerce mobile app. 

5. The push notifications are mainly sent for new arrivals, offers and discounts, updates, and much more. The push notification is a great feature to ensure the success of your eCommerce mobile app and boost profit. 

6. The offline mode reduces data usage and offers seamless access to Native Apps for eCommerce even with no internet access. 

7. The product filtering and sorting option of Mobile App Creator facilitates an easy journey for your users. It also allows the users to only fetch the required and necessary products in Android and iOS apps.

Conclusion -

There are several opportunities for the store admin in the target market. By using the above-mentioned features in potent mobile apps, eCommerce merchants are able to grab more customer attention. The Mobile App Builder helps the store admin to stand out from the competitors and allows him to take strategic decisions. To know more, send us an email at