6 Types of Networks You Forget to Write in Your Computer Network Assignment

A computer network is a subject that help students learn various ways of  sharing the data through different networks. There are eleven types of network that is majorly used in organization, schools, universities, etc. But the students know very little and commonly used networks to share the data. Well, you need not search the computer network assignment help to know about the other types of networks as you can read this article to know the detailed information about the types of networks to include in your assignment.



Campus Area Network

A Campus Area Network (CAN) is created to ease the users to share resources over a close area of multiple buildings, such as a hospital or medical center or a college campus. Some businesses use a CAN, especially if they plan to scale up in the future to better the organization.


Storage Area Network

This network is specially built to link storage devices to servers. A storage area network (SAN) transfers data away from one network and houses it separately, through a drive that is connected to a server. 


System Area Network

A system area network (also called a SAN) is a local network uniquely designed for high-speed connection in a cluster environment to do the work without any disturbance. These networks include server-to-server, processor-to-processor, and it operates all as one entity. 


Passive Optical Local Area Network

As technology moves away from switch-based Ethernet LAN’s, passive optical local area networks (POLAN), is installed into structured cabling design. It is built on a point-to-multipoint LAN architecture by using optical splitters to send a signal from one fiber to multiple signals across devices. This is a very expensive setup and rarely used in the buildings.


Enterprise Private Network

An Enterprise Private Network (EPN) is managed by large businesses or organizations that want to keep all of the locations on a single secure network to easily share resources.


Virtual Private Network

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) connects your device to a server via the internet, allowing you to use another server’s connection. If the server is in a different country, it will look like your device is also coming from that country. A VPN allows users to hide their location, avoid using public Wi-Fi hot-spots.


These are the 6 types of networks that students forget to mention in their assignment. They just mention the rest 4 types that are commonly used in the MNC’s. So you can have a piece of knowledge there are various types of networks that exist apart from that also. If in case of any issue you can search for computer network assignment help for further assistance. 


SUMMARY: The article guides you about that there are other 6 types of networks that you should include while writing the assignment and can easily create an impression on your professor.