An overview of ProtonMail sign up and login process.

What is ProtonMail?

ProtonMail is highly secured and neutral email service provider that is incorporated in Switzerland. It uses End-to-End encryption method so that your emails and the content available in it stay away from the evil eyes. Not even ProtonMail authorities have the access to your inbox. This also means that the messages you have encrypted would not be shared with third parties or anyone else. Also, ProtonMail does not keep any IP logs because privacy is the backbone of ProtonMail. By now, you must have understood what is ProtonMail. Now, we will discuss the procedure of ProtonMail login and signup.

ProtonMail Sign Up Process

1. Open your preferred web browser on your device.

2. Visit the sign up page from the URL ’ProtonMail login’.

Select the ’Sign Up for Free’ option.

3. On the sign up page, click on the ‘Sign Up’ option.

4. Choose the desired type of your ProtonMail account.

5. Choose your free plan and click ‘create your account’.

6. In the next tab, enter your personal information.

7. Choose your ProtonMail

8. username and create your email address.

9. After that, enter a unique password with which you will access your account.

10. Enter this password two times.

Then, enter an alternate email address to recover your account.

11. Finally, click on the ‘Create an Account’ option.

ProtonMail Login: steps to access your account

After knowing what is ProtonMail and how to sign up for it, now let us know ProtonMail login steps:

1. From your web browser, go to ProtonMail login.

2. Then, click on the ’Sign In’ / ’User Login’ option.

3. Provide your login details such as Username or Email Address.

4. Enter your password and click ‘Remember Me’ if you want to.

5. Select the ’Login’ option to login successfully.

These were all the basic details about what is ProtonMail and how to log in to it. Hopefully, these instructions would have helped you in your endeavour. visit@:-