MoonPay is a platform that gives a smooth road for fiat (a government-issued currency that does not get any physical commodity back up). It enables mobile and website developers to grant their users the ability to buy virtual currencies with credit cards.

Unlike other crypto exchange platforms, MoonPay lets its users directly buy cryptocurrencies on their platform without having to create an account for the same.

This read is dedicated to how you can have your MoonPay login account and the features they have added over the period that still stands out as unique as compared to any other exchange platform. S, let’s get on the journey and know about MoonPay.


People wonder that why MoonPay doesn’t require users to create an account before they start dealing in or exchange cryptocurrencies. Let’s just say MoonPay understands that creating an account on every website you go can be hectic.

So making it easy for you, all you need to do is go to their website for buying virtual currency or any of their partner wallets and make your first purchase. You can purchase from a list of different currencies available and that’s it.

Your MoonPay login account will automatically be created.


The brand has been trying to evolve and upgrade to meet both the users and the ever-changing world’s standards. When it comes to incorporating technology in products- features and services are all that matter.

It extended support to a few brand new fiat and cryptocurrencies by adding them to its platform. They enabled the availability of these currencies to the public like no other exchange platform of the wallet has ever done before. Do you want to know what else they added?

They added several currencies (USA) and increased their coverage throughout the country of the USA, which had restrictions. Little by little they have started to provide their services in 42 states out of the 50 states in America.

Their biggest project was given life after a lot of time, energy, effort and hard work- the MoonPay Sell feature. Here, users can sell their available cryptocurrencies in exchange for fiat.

That’s right you only need credit cards and fiat, and you’ll be good to go. And after your first purchase, having a MoonPay login account will just add to your benefits.


Offering a smooth path to fiat and other cryptocurrencies, MoonPay allows the web and mobile developers to further allow their users to buy virtual currencies with their credit cards.

Mentioned above is the reason why you do not have to create a Moonpay login account before you make your first purchase and what happens next.

Along with that, this read houses a changelog for MoonPay’s added features that makes it stand out and worth trying.