How to fix Outlook stuck in offline mode?

As we are well aware that Microsoft Outlook is a very helpful application that allows us to send and receive emails instantly. However, at times, it may start to give you a tough time by showing offline whenever you try to use it for the emailing purpose. This not only frustrates the user but also makes him think about what should be his next move to get rid of this issue. Most of the time, this issue can be easily fixed by upgrading your application via But, sometimes, this is not enough and you have to fix it using other troubleshooting ways.

Ways to bring Outlook back online

Check the internet connection 

Simply checking the internet connection and making sure that your device is connected to a stable network is enough. To use Outlook smoothly, using a high-speed internet connection is a must.

Disable the offline mode manually

In Outlook, there is an option to work in offline as well as online mode. In case you have mistakenly enabled the offline mode, then you can disable it manually. For this:

Try opening Outlook in Safe Mode

If nothing else helps, then you should try opening Outlook in Safe Mode. This helps you in fixing some minor issues with Outlook. To open Outlook that you have downloaded via in Safe Mode:


Besides trying all the other solutions that are mentioned in this post, you may also try to check the availability of any problematic add-ins. If they are there, you should take the necessary action to disable them as quickly as possible. If everything else fails to work, the last thing you are left with is uninstalling and re-installing Outlook via