How do I set up/enable Direct Deposit on Cash App?Untitled

Isn’t it interesting to know that you can directly deposit your paychecks get tax returns and enjoy other such services from your smartphone? Well, going to the bank for any major or minor transaction is a thing of the past now and with modern ways of sending and receiving money, we have come very far. You can now enjoy the benefit of depositing or transferring money directly from the comfort of your home. And, with Cash App Direct Deposit feature, these things are not a dream anymore.

Yes, you read that right you can easily add up an amount to your account balance that too without having to go through a tough process. This process is not only easy but also faster and gets the amount reflected in your account two days before.

And, when this amount gets added to your balance, you can easily pay your bills, shop online, and do much more.

However, if you are worried that it will take longer than usual to get the Direct Deposit amount reflected in your account, then do not fret. It will only take between 1–5 business days for the same.

Method of Cash App Direct Deposit setup

Step 1- Provide the account details 

Step 2- get the form

Now, the recipient will have to take the necessary action to accept your Cash App Direct Deposit request. In the same way, you can add more recipients and fill out more forms in case there are more people who need to pay you frequently.