How to fix McAfee download and installation issues?

Due to some internal or external factors, you may not be able to get the desired McAfee product on your device and this is might become the reason for your disappointment. However, one should not get anxious about this because this issue is not hard to fix. Therefore, if you are also facing this issue, then you may continue to read this informative post till the end. As soon as you finish getting rid of the issue, then you may go ahead with downloading your software from

Common installation issues with McAfee

Below are given some of the common issues faced by McAfee users while they are trying to install their software:

·         McAfee installation fails with an error code of 0

·         Cannot continue with the download because of the internet connection

·         The download is taking longer than usual to complete

Solutions to fix the issue

Sol 1- re-install the product

The best thing you can do if such an error message appears on your screen is trying for the product re-installation via But before doing so, you should ensure that you have removed the files from the failed installation of McAfee.

Sol 2- check your internet connection

Next up, you should check with your Internet Service Provider if the network connectivity you are receiving is running at a high speed or not. Sometimes, due to a slow internet connection, you will face McAfee installation issues.

Sol 3- Use McAfee Consumer Product Removal Tool Due to the failed McAfee installation, your device may accumulate some unwanted McAfee files which might become a cause of hurdle during the product installation. So, if you are facing McAfee installation issues, then you should download and run the MCPR tool from Running this tool shall help you in getting rid of McAfee product leftovers.


Hope that you are able to get rid of the issues you were facing while installing the product on your device. Just make sure that you are receiving a good internet connection and do not forget to clear files from the failed installation. After that, you will be able to get the product on your device and make the best use of McAfee services.