How do I redeem my Microsoft 365 product key?

You have recently purchased your Microsoft 365 subscription and you got a product key with it. But, now you are struggling to find out how you can use it and how to redeem this product key? Well, this is pretty simple and does not require much effort. All the new Microsoft 365 users are required to redeem their activation codes at so that their subscription gets linked to their account and can be activated easily.

So, if you also wish to learn the method to redeem the product key that you got with your subscription, you can refer to this informative post.

But, before that, it is important to know what a product is and how to find it.

What is the Microsoft 365 product key?

The product key is the activation code that you get with any paid subscription to Microsoft. This product key is generally of 25 characters which include numbers as well as letters. Finding the product key depends on the method of your subscription purchase. If a user has purchased it via microsoft365 setup, then he can find this code in the registered email’s inbox. As soon as you redeem the product key, you can easily install or renew your subscription.

Method to redeem the product key

For the Microsoft 365 product key redemption, follow these quick steps:

This is how you can redeem the product key but you need to be careful while doing the same.

Having trouble redeeming the product key? Try these

If you are facing issues while trying to redeem your new Microsoft 365 purchase, then you may use the instructions given here:


Thus, we have clearly discussed the ways to redeem the Microsoft 365 product key. Apart from that, this article also highlights some ways to fix product key redemption issues. Hopefully, everything related to the product is clear to you by reading this post.