WatchOS 7.4 update is coming soon 

The WatchOS 7.4 is in current fresh talks where Apple Watch will make iPhone unlocking features with decreased hassle while wearing a mask as well as it’ll add AirPlay 2 compatibility to the Fitness Plus workout service. Though Apple hasn’t talked about when the WatchOS 7.4 update will be launched for its next round of software updates, but the public beta will provide us a brief look at all the new features, we can hope to come up next few weeks on Apple Watch.


Unlock with Apple Watch 

With the two latest updates, Apple watch’s WatchOS 7.4 and iPhone’s iOS 14.5, and you’ll have the option to pick into a feature on the iPhone allowing you to use the Apple Watch so whenever your face is covered, it would verify Face ID. 

So, if you wish to activate the feature, both the iPhone and the Apple Watch require to be password-protected running the latest version of their respective software. To Toggle the feature on your iPhone, go to settings, and under the Face ID and passcode option, you can choose options accordingly, as well as make sure the Apple Watch isn’t locked on your wrist.  

On the first try, you might be needed to type in your password, and thereafter you should have the option to swipe up to unlock the iPhone using your authenticated Face ID. The Watch will automatically prompt haptic feedback and alert as well, so you can know your iPhone is now unlocked.


Cast Fitness Plus on Airplay 2 devices

If you’re trying out the new Fitness Plus service from Apple and you already have an Apple Watch, then there are some more ways to work out. The casting becomes easy with the Apple Watch workout service on TV with AirPlay 2 or any other device.

However, on your iPhone or iPad, it still required to choose an iPhone or iPad, then you can




Only one could have only viewed the service on an iPad, an iPhone, or a newer version of the Apple TV when it has launched. The Apple Watch will receive some features already in iOS 14.5, such as the option that changes your default music and the 217 new emojis. Additionally, Apple released updates for TVOS and iPadOS.


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