What should one do when YouTube-activate is not working?

Activating youtube on my smart tv is one of the best things that ever happened to me. As from now on, I can stream more than 80+ channels live any time I want, but the most amazing perk I get to enjoy with youtube.com/activate is the unlimited cloud-based DVR storage, where I can store many movies of web series, till 9 months.

youtube/activate subscription allows its users to share the subscription among 6 different accounts, but there of them can watch it at an angle moment of time.

As youtube activate can work on various devices like desktops, laptops, mobiles, smart tv, android tv, PlayStations, and Xbox as well. Sometimes youtube-activation stops while working. If you are going through the same issue, stick with this blog for a little while and you will get the solution. 

As we all know that When we want to open YouTube on a smart TV or any other device, one might have to activate it with a code but what if? “the codes do not work” Right below we have discussed some of the best ways to resolve the problem.

Try again

Most of the time reloading the youtube.com/activate enter code page, and then entering the code will be enough to resolve the issue.  

Restart Device

Sometimes you can get the solution by using the most common and easy way, like restarting your device or the youtube app. And then try to activate youtube to start your youtube tv on your smart tv.

Other tips

If the above tips will not work for you, and try using some of the tips mentioned below:

The tips mentioned above works for most of the devices youtube tv can play on. If you are still facing the issues, then I recommend you to reach us out at youtube.com/activate for support and assistance.