Know what is right for you? - Hulu vs Netflix

The primitive thing when it comes to ascertaining the ultimate winner between Hulu vs Netflix battle. Although it is important to understand that the basic principle of the two streaming services is the same. However, there are many other parameters on which Hulu and Netflix can be differentiated. If you are thinking about which one is right for you then there are a number of factors such as types of shows you watch and how many streams you need. This article covers all these parameters of difference so that you can make a wise choice. So, let’s understand which streaming service will serve your purpose.


 Hulu vs Netflix- Availability 

Netflix is readily available in most parts of the world and it enables users to subscribe to the service in more than 190 countries. On the contrary, Hulu has a limited reach within the provinces of the US. Hulu is seen not to expand its market and will keep the reach limited.


Hulu vs Netflix -Device support:

Both Netflix and Hulu are readily available on Android, iOS, game consoles, media streamers, computers, and smart tv. Hulu is also available on consoles like the Nintendo switch while Netflix. 


Hulu vs Netflix- Content:

The content is known n to be the biggest factor when there is a need to determine whether you should subscribe to Hulu or Netflix. Both of the platforms offer a variety of movies and TV shows but they have different areas of focus. Netflix is known as a platform that showcases live streaming shows and popular shows whereas Hulu is known to be showcasing the content that is already available.


Hulu vs Netflix: Plans and pricing

Netflix comes with three subscription plans that are basic, standard, and premium. The first one is $9 per month and lets you watch as many as you want. However, you can get them in SD quality and on one device. However, Netflix recently stopped offering the long-time 30 days of free trial for new subscribers.


Hulu vs Netflix- Final verdict 

If you are now looking for the summing up brief and want to know which one amongst Hulu and Netflix is best for you then Netflix is seen on a higher range when compared the two. Netflix offers more support for 4k resolution. Finally, it is more liberal in terms of how many devices are connected and what all you can watch at a single time. However, if you think Hulu is better than it is because of popular network TV shows and it is cheaper than Netflix. So, both the streaming platforms are apt on their ends to deliver services with streaming live shows.