Online digital signature certificate

What Is Digital Signature Certificate?

Digital signature certificates (DSC) is an electronic piece of paper attached to documents to confirm and verify the identity of the person or entity that is signing the document. It includes information such as DSC applicants’ name, name, country pin code email address, the name of the authority that certifies, and the date of the DSC issue. It is the digital version of physical certificates and is issued by designated certifying authorities.

It is helpful when accessing information or services that require your identity. It is possible to utilize DSC certificates to verify your identity. DSC certificate to sign documents electronically and verify online transactions.

Classes/ Types of Digital Signature Certificates

There are three kinds of the digital signature certificate (DSCs) that are issued by the certifying authorities (CAs) according to the type of person applying and the need. The three kinds of certificates for digital signatures are:

Class 1 certificates:

Private and individual subscribers are eligible for this kind of certificate. They act as a confirmation to the authority certifying the certificate that their database body contains the name of the applicant and email address.

Class 2 certificates:

The certificates were replaced with the Class 3 certificates. They were removed at the request of the Controller of Certifying Authority on January 1st, 2021. However, all class 2 certificates bought prior will remain active and operational.

The documents were distributed to directors and signatory authorities of corporations for filing electronically for a Registrar of Companies (ROC). It is mandatory for those who need to make manual signatures on documents while filing returns through the ROC.

Class 3 certificates:

Vendors that plan to take part in online tenders are required to apply for this kind of certificate. The goal of this certification is to permit the trusted parties to take part or take part in online tenders and auctions on the internet everywhere in India.

How to Use Digital Signature Certificate Across Different Industries?

It is possible to utilize DSC certificates DSC certificate to sign documents in which evidence of integrity and identity is necessary. The sectors in which it is utilized are:

The government uses DSC for processing income tax returns, managing legal documents, verifying business-to-government transactions, and more.

Banks offer DSC as an alternative to guarantee security for online transactions. You can utilize DSC to protect a private document.

The industry utilizes DSC signature to streamline the online process of Quality Assurance (QA) sales, quality assurance (QA), and other areas

Advocates as well as other legal professionals can document important documents associated with court proceedings through an online portal, which makes DSC essential for authenticating.

  • Benefits of Digital Signature Certificate
  • One of the main advantages that digital certificates of signature online include:

    In replacing the original hard copies of documents with digital PDF files you will be able to avoid the hassle of scanning the document to share it by email. Additionally, you don’t need to physically attend the place to sign off or conduct a business when you own a DSC.

    The information contained in documents that are digitally signed is protected because it can’t be altered or changed after the signing process has been completed. DSCs permit the government as well as other agencies to verify and cross-check transactions.

    It authenticates the personal data of the person who is conducting business. Receivers can take appropriate action based upon digitally signed documents as they can be confident that the signer is not an enigma.

    IT Act, 2000 recognizes DSC as a mandatory requirement to have a legitimate digital signature. DSCs may either be issued or suspended or removed by licensed certificate agencies (CAs) under the supervision of the Controller of Certificate Authority, Ministry of Information Technology.

    When you use electronic signatures, as well as DSC it is possible to assure the authenticity of documents that are digital and eliminate the hassle of making hardcopies. It’s a very green decision.

    How to Get Digital Signature Certificate?

    The office of the Controller of Certifying Authorities (CCA) allows Certifying Authorities (CAs) to issue DSCs to entities that have ended. The list of certified CAs and the categories of certificates they provide through the government portal to Certifying Authorities. Additional guidelines are available on the site.

    Based on the data, you can select any of the accredited CAs. Pricing for DSCs differs based on the choice of CA. It is possible to apply for digital signature certificates either online or offline. It usually takes about two days to approve. After you have received DSC and downloaded it, copy it to the hard token, or put it on your laptop or PC.

    Visit the official website for the Registered CA and go through the DSC section. Complete the application by selecting the type of DSC you’d like. The form can be saved on your computer and sent completed form to the office of the LRA (Local Registering Authority) office with a Demand draft (DD) or a cheque made with the LRA’s name on it. LR

    Set up appointments with CA. Visit the office with documents such as a PAN card or Aadhar card. Fill in these forms, and then pay for the fees according to the CA’s guidelines.

    Instead of having attested hard copies of the supporting documents, you can choose to use Aadhar eKYC or banking eKYC for verification based on. To be eligible, you must be an Aadhar holder or your bank should have connections with CAs to get eKYC.

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