5 Tips To Attract More Customers On Your Website

In this pandemic situation, e-commerce businesses have supported the economy in a great way. Competition amongst e-commerce portals has increased manifolds and every business wants to attract more and more customers on their websites. Atlanta Web Design Company suggests 5 important tips utilizing which you can attract more customers on your website:

1. Add Internal Links: Whether you are managing your website or individual product pages or an existing blog, if you are not including internal links in your content, you unknowingly could be missing the trick. This is because search engines tracks links which help them understand the content, its relevance, as well as help them analyze the structure and quality of your website. Adding internal links boost your ranking and also improves number of conversions. If you are having a website that is struggling in search result, hire professional Ecommerce SEO Services and bring your website on the right track.

2. Update Your Google My Business Profile: Impressions counts a lot for any website and trust acts as building block to attract more customers on your website. The more professional and reliable your GMB is, the more is likelihood of someone clicking your site from search engine results. For local businesses, Google takes direct ranking signals from your GMB, so ensure you have branded and optimized website, your review are positive, well detailed, relevant, and your contact details are clear and up-to-date. If you are unable to do it, you need a trustworthy, reliable, and Affordable Website Design Services who will take proper care of your GMB and put it on right track.

3. Consider Color: Displaying CTA buttons using different colors schemes helps you attract more and more customers on your website. Various studies suggest color schemes make a significant difference in making people make a purchase on your website.

4. Add Pop-Up: Pop-up if utilized properly becomes very useful tool in increasing conversion rate. They comes in variety of formats and offer free stuff like newsletter, discount code, etc. Adding a short span pop-up benefits your website engagement greatly.

5. Headlines and subheading: Your website headlines and subheading creates a big difference in attracting new customers and their conversion. As more than 80% customers get attracted by headlines, your headlines should be engaging and relevant to page as much as possible.

While above steps looks simple, their correct implementation results in enhanced traffic and increased conversion rate. 

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