The best positions in sex

The best positions in sex


Better positions in sex

Whenever we talk about sexual positions, the first thing we think of is the word Kamasutra. Who has not seen or heard about this mythical book from time to time? But very few people know that this manual (so well known for its sexual positions), is a treatise that provides various tips to live in greater harmony.

This manual consists of seven chapters and only the first of them are dedicated to lovemaking or sexual positions and the other six deal with marriage, desire, and the relationship between men and women.

Postures are of great importance in sexual intercourse, and the purpose of all erotic positions and games is to increase sexual pleasure and complicity. We can find proposals that are easy to execute, but others require greater provision or flexibility. It is not about becoming a tightrope walker, rather you have to try to live new experiences.

Many couples only practice one position for their sexual encounters, they use few variations and few games, this ends up turning their encounters into a routine. For this reason, it is important to find and try variants that can be more pleasant positions to have orgasms more easily.

Some of these sex positions to practice sitting are:

What we call "the hammock", in which the man sits on a hard surface with his legs bent and grabs his knees from the back. The woman stands between the space between his legs and his trunk. Then the man using the pressure are the knees the body of his partner bringing her body closer to his.


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