Absolute Togel Poker Review


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Absolute Poker has been "Built for the players, by the players." They have a full suite of games, including Holdem, Omaha, Togel 7 card stud, Omaha & 7 card hi-low, and no-limit and pot limit holdem. Absolute poker has a large player base, with up to 2000 players playing at any given time. Chances are if you want to play something other than texas hold em you will be able to.


Absolute Poker in it’s first year quickly became the "rising star" of online poker. With great customer support, fast cashouts, and the best promotional offerings, Team Absolute upholds their mission to be the best and most trusted.


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Quality of Togel opponents

There are a number of weak opponents playing at Absolute Poker, as you will notice with the high number of players seeing the flop. Their maximum play is a 10-20 table, while they have games as small as .10-.20. We had no problems finding a table with low quality players, but don’t expect to find suckers playing high level games. Stick with the 1-2 tables and below for poor players.



Absolute poker has a good number of daily tournaments, averaging from 10-15 per day. They offer free entry tournaments, as well as single table ’sit-and-go’ tournaments. One thing I really like for the beginning player is the 2 dollar entry sit-and-go tournaments. They are small enough to allow you to play many tournaments for a small price, but still use real money, to avoid the ’raise anything’ syndrome that goes along with free tournaments.


Best Sign-Up Bonus in Togel Poker!

Deposit & Withdrawals

You can deposit money with just about every available system. Absolute Poker offers Neteller, Firepay, Visa, Mastercard, Pay By Check, Western Union, Cashiers Check, and wire transfers. You can widhdraw by Neteller, FirePay, ATM pay, and by receiving a check. Deposits are usually instant, and withdrawls are processed witin 48 hours.


Graphics / Gameplay

I enjoyed Absolute Poker’s graphics and gameplay, and had no problems with them. They allow you to post a small photo of your choice to use as your avatar, and this really a bit of personality to your opponents. You can often remember a photo better then a name, and this will help you keep track of your opponents. The playing style is fast and fun, with fast dealing. The software allows for note taking, and displays statistics about your playing.


Jackpots and Bonuses

Absolute Poker offers a 20% deposit bonus on all new accounts, to a maximum of $100. They offer player points for playing in real money games, which can be used to play in monthly tournaments for big prizes.


Available Togel Games

Absolute Poker has covers the majority of poker games, offering No limit and Pot limit Holdem & omaha, limit Holdem, omaha & omaha hi-low, 7 card stud & 7 card stud hi-low. There are always people playing at all games, in nearly all limits. Their minimum tables are .10-.20, and maximum is $10-$20. The vast majority of their real money players play Holdem. You will find it difficult to find any other games being played. If you are interested in 7 card stud or omaha, we recommend you try Party Poker, which has many more players playing these games.


Customer Support

Known for fast and accurate replies for all email inquiries, Team Absolute also upholds the fastest cash out service online. Now offering a deposit call center for fast and easy credit card transactions.


Glitches / Software Problems

The software is solid, and gameplay was always fast. Even in big tournaments there was no freezing.


Togel Rake

The rake at Absolute poker is good. 5% to a small maximum, with a ’no flop, no fold’ policy. This means that if the hand ends before the flop, there is no rake taken. The max rake on the highest limits is $3 per hand, which is quite low, considering some 10-20 tables get pots in the several hundreds.




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