Why won’t Webroot let me install Microsoft Office?

The way you install and activate Microsoft Office products depends on the type of device you are installing them on. However, to ensure a smooth installation of products, you must bear some other things in mind as well. Even if you are following the correct way to install Office on your device, you may still come across errors. Apart from making sure that you are installing Office via Microsoft365.com/setup, you should also make sure that your antivirus is not interrupting the whole process.

So, if you are also facing issues while activating an Office subscription on your device, you should give this article a read till the end.

Reasons why you can’t activate Office

By having a look at the list of reasons that I have specified below, you will be able to find out the actual factor responsible for this issue:

Ways to fix the Office installation error


Sometimes, the antivirus solution we use on our device is configured in such a way that it won’t let certain programs get installed on our device. In such a case, you can change any such settings within the antivirus or disable the antivirus for the time being to avoid Office installation issues.