Best Parameters for dringling water testing lab

Founded in 2009, Sigma Test and Research Centre (STRC) was established to provide a comprehensive suite of accurate and precise testing and calibration facilities to a diverse range of industries across the globe. Sigma Test and Research Centre (STRC) is accredited by prestigious certification bodies of India such as NABL and FSSAI. We are your preferred one-point stop to test a complete range of products used in Chemical, Biological, technical, Non-Destructive, Electrical, and electronics industries, as per the International standards (ILAC, ISO, ASTM, USP, BP, DIN, JS, BS, AOAC, and NABL).

Sigma test was established to provide accurate, precise, and reliable testing services to its client. Sigma test has played a prominent role in creating for itself a globally recognized rank in the field of chemical mechanical analytical testing. Sigma test a trustworthy testing lab in Delhi is engaged in providing clear and accurate testing services. Sigma Test and Research Centre headquartered in New Delhi strive to ensure that our client’s products meet quality, social, safety, health, and environmental standards for acceptability across global markets. Sigma Test and Research Centre is accredited by the NABL and FSSAI, which offers testing facilities for industrial products worldwide. In such a procedure, Sigmatest also pays keen attention to reasonable standards in the sector of health, quality, and environmental benefits. Thus, Sigmatest is of utmost priority and efficiently nurtures trustworthy relationships with its clients, continually, assuring overall well-being.

Best & Reliable Water Testing Lab Near Me

Sigma test is known for rendering a world-class water testing lab in India. With a thorough understanding of these tests, they are engrossed in providing water testing services to our clients. Owing to their knowledgeable team, they can meet the clients’ precise needs within the given period. These services provide a full range to support several projects, and all sorts of testing is provided in this Water Testing Lab for waters.